Web Part Maintenance Page In SharePoint Online

Today, I am writing about one common issue for SharePoint Web parts or PDP's, such as when they don't open or show anything on the URL page.

We know Web part maintenance page is an Out Of Box (OOB) page, which is used to manage the Web parts in a Web part page. Essentially, a Web part maintenance page offers the list of all the Web parts added in a specific page and options to close or remove these Web parts.

If we have added any wrong content library or script file to PDP page or Web part page, at the moment, it will not work and the result will be blank or a sorry something went wrong message.

If we have problems with a Web part or Web part connection on the Web part page, we can use the Web part maintenance page to help isolate and fix your problem.

At this particular moment, we do not have any details to fix this out. We do not even have ULS log file to fix the same. Office 365 is still does not provide ULS access to the users or an administrator.

Traditionally, no more changes from On Premises to fix Web part or PDP issue, we have append URL called “?contents=1”. Just adding this appended URL to the Web part or PDPs will enable us to start maintenance mode for the pages.

This helps to close any malfunctions or actions to the page, using any code or automation on the same.

Just for an example, see the URL given below and add the appended URL, as shown above and hit enter:


Once we will enter the page, it will start in Web part page maintenance mode. Here, we can see the option given below, which is available on the page.

  • Close 
    We can directly close this selected Web part at any point of time.

  • Reset 
    This option will reset the Web part.

  • Delete 
    We can delete the Web part and using this option, we need to select the Web part for deleting.

  • Go Back to Web Part Page 
    This will take us back to the normal page from maintenance

  • Switch to personal view 
    We can switch to personal view, as this current page will be in shared view.

Now, we can delete the affected Web part or we can reset the Web part, which we commonly use for troubleshooting.

If we have added any content URL here and it is causing the issue, we can delete the same and later we can add it as well.

Kindly refer to the URL given below for more details on managing the Web part: