What are Power Pages

What are Power Pages?

A new standalone product to empower the existing Power Apps Portals with modern, secure and responsive websites.

What was Power App Portals used for?

Power App Portals been used to create external portals quickly and customize with pages, layouts and content with low or no code.

How Power Pages advances out Power Portals?

Along with low-code / no-code, Power pages have the capabilities to build the website with new aesthetic features, higher security and customization with pro-developer extensibility.

Any designer available for creating Power Pages?

Design Studio is available to make the design, style, configuration and publishing easier. Also, this studio will host a library of ready to use templates with text, video, images, data forms, lists, etc.,

How can I learn more about Design Studio?

Learn Hub is available to explore more on the guides, tutorials, quick videos on how to build and configure sites, the code components, model and visualize the data, etc.,

Is there a way to connect with any of the database or only static contents?

Power Pages runs on Microsoft Azure and can connect with Microsoft Dataverse in secured and advanced encrypted routes.

How can I protect the data?

Power Pages can be configured with RBAC (role-based access controls) to protect the information based on the access levels.

Can an anonymous user access Power Pages?

Web Roles can be configured including unauthenticated users and can be given access to assets.

How can I read more details about the capabilities?

Refer to the Documentation provided by Microsoft.