What Expression Blend can do for you?

In my blog, Expression Blend: A Tool Every Microsoft Developer Must Have, I discussed the importance of Expression Blend.

Here is a list of tasks that I use Expression Blend in my everyday life.

  1. Create Website and Business Logos
  2. Create User Interfaces
  3. Build WPF Screens
  4. Build Silverlight Pages
  5. Create Controls
  6. Create Windows Phone Interfaces
  7. Animations
  8. Games
  9. And more …

And the list goes on.

As you can see from the list above, Blend actually can do work for you.

Let me show you some of my examples and kind of work I have done using Blend.

Logo Samples

Couple of logo designed using Blend 4.



Complete Website Design

Couple of website designed using Blend 4.




Silverlight Controls

A few controls designed using Blend 4.




Flash Like Animations

An animated pole.


And the list goes on.