What is 3 Tier Architecture in ASP.NET C#

3 Tier Architecture is very well development in every aspects of Software development and Application Development. Mainly it have 3 layers.

  • Presentation Layer.
  • Business Logic Layer(BLL)/Business Access layer (BAL).
  • Data Access Layer (DAL).

Figure 1 3-Tier Architecture

Now we will understand this layers step by step

Presentation Layer/ Application layer-- > Presentation Layer is used for designing your application. It contain you .aspx page where you embed your design code. It having you all interfaces related to the application that you are building - (Window, Web, Mobile). It usually only communicates with Business Layer.

Business Logic Layer/Business Access Layer - -> Business layer contains all your business login where we can insert, delete, retrieve and validate the data. It usually act as an interface between our Presentation Layer and Data Access layer.

Data Access Layer - -> Data Access Layer having the methods that connect with our SQL Server [Database] and to perform various operation of SQL like -- > insert, update, get, delete data from Database.

Hope you Like this, I had made one blog on How to Bind Grid view in 3 tier, you can get better idea of 3 tier if you code by reading that article [Bind Data in 3 tier]. Have a nice day and thank you for Reading.

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