What Is Big Data Analytics?

What is the most used terminology in the last year, in the world of technology?

I think it is Big Data and Big Data Analytics.

Everyone is now familiar with the term "Big Data" but what actually is Big Data?

The most accepted definition according to Wikipedia is "Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them."

But I have a doubt - if we have huge amount of data many years later, such as  -  the census data, weather data, and many other data sets, very huge in size, and we conduct analysis on a sample data which is identified at random and predict the nature and behaviour of the entire population, the main issue with this conventional method is that the validity of perfection is not guaranteed. If the sample data is not entirely random, the analysis will be a disaster.

Here comes the importance of Big Data. Big Data Analytics means the entire population (data set) is subjected to analysis.Or we can say Big Data Analysis is where "Sample Data = Total Population".

So, there are no assumptions in Big Data Analytics. Because the entire data is undergone for studying, the quality of the result is guaranteed. And, as a data analyst, I am assuring you that playing with data is an interesting game.