What is Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a term, which used for promotion of products or brands by using electronic media such as PC, Laptop, tablets, Smart phone, etc. Digital marketing used to different platforms such as website, e-mails, social network and apps.

Feature scope of Digital marketing

You know, 97 % American consumers use online media when reaching product and services. But why we talk about American consumers? Because in India, the number of internet users is 243 million (June 2014), which is the world’s 2nd largest number of internet users and a year-on-year growth of 28 per cent. This report is provided by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International. So feature scope of digital marketing very sine-full in India.


  • Consumers have access to information any time, any place that they want.
  • Consumers can find your store, location and your contact information about product and services.
  • Consumers learn about new offers and promotions.


Online marketing is a sub group of digital marketing. Online marketing means marketing of products using online channels such as social websites (FB, Twitter), emails, etc. The different thinks are use of online marketing. Look at the same following thinks:

Line up

Line-up means, what you achieve with your marketing campaign? So first you can set line-up for online marketing. For Example: Establish our brand in social media, build up our website visibility.


You will develop specific objectives for each goal. Some point’s mind, when you create objective:

  1. What is objective exactly?
  2. The objective has to be measurable?
  3. The object has to achievable and reasonable?

For Example: get more than 1000 Twitter followers, get more than 1000 Facebook fans.

Work out of a specific objective

Objective to make you, and then you have to work on it. Such as you want to achieve 1000 Facebook users, then, mind some points:

  1. Provide reasons for people to become Facebook fans.
  2. Engage with the community.

List your tactics

Always keep mind and create a list of very specific tastes, which you will utilize to achieve your marketing goals. For example:

  1. Share special deals,
  2. Tweet and re-tweet regularly
  3. Find and follow relevant people.

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