What is the Difference between SQL Server, Oracle and DB2

When we face any interview, then, we are mostly asked questions on SQL Server. One such question is,
Que: What is the Difference between SQL Server, Oracle and DB2?
In this article, I am demonstrating the difference between the three.

  1. Windows OS, DotNet and SQL Server are all products of Microsoft, and there is a tight integration between these products that provides a fast access to the data from the SQL Server on Windows Operating System from a DotNet Application, when compared to Oracle and DB2.
  2. SQL Server provides a Graphical User Interface to Perform Various operations on the Database. The GUI makes it easy to work with the database. But Oracle doesn’t provide Support for the GUI. For e.g., Oracle doesn’t provide the GUI, but the SQL Server provides GUI of any syntax of the  command. It is to be noted that DB2 also Provides the GUI.
  3. The License of Oracle and DB2, for only 10 Users, requires 2 Lakhs, whereas SQL Server requires approx. 2 to 3 Lakhs for unlimited users. So, that means that the cost of the SQL Server is lower than that of the Oracle.
  4. The SQL Server comes as a bundle, containing a Minimum of 4 Products.
  • Database Engine - Used to work with database.
  • Analysis Services - Used the work with the data warehousing, data hiring.
  • Reporting Service - To create Enterprise Report.
  • Integration Services - Using to integrate the data from one data source to another, such as Oracle and SQL Server
            All these 4  products are collectively called as MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence).
            But in case of Oracle and DB2, you have to purchase them separately.
      5.  The drawback of the SQL server is that it is available for windows OS only and not for the Other
            Operating Systems such as UNIX, LINUX and SOLARIS.

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