What Is The Right Approach To Solve A Programming Problem

My English isn't perfect, but I can guide you on how you become a good problem solver. Remember that initially as a programmer you have to face problems most of the time in blocks of the program, and you have to fix them by doing permutation and combination. If you are a fresher you will feel less interest for resolving bugs/issues because it will take more time to resolve. You will not acquire this skill easily. You will learn by  working hard with patience and motivation. Consider the below points,
  • How long  can you stay with a particular problem in a project ?
  • Read the problem at least three times so that it will make you more comfortable.
  • Try to identify the actual problem. Properly analyze the problem and find the optimal solution.
  • If the problem is not easily diagnosed, breakdown the problem into numbers of sub-problems
  • Try to fix threads individually
  • Simplify and optimize your steps.
  • Don’t forget to write useful comment in blocks of code, furthermore you can easily navigate the changes which you made.
  • Finally combine the threads to the optimal solution of the problem you have.
Very first I recommended you to start learning basics. Fit yourself into the areas of interest you have. Research your strength and weaknesses, then  you have to choose a language in which you are comfortable to write your own thoughts as blocks of code. Start practicing daily along with code execution, don’t forget to use debugger. Don’t be frustrated while facing errors. Errors are not your enemy! Try to fix errors by recursion. Gradually you will learn how to handle errors and fix them within an estimated timeframe.
Note: Be determined to not give up.  There is no substitute/shortcut to learn problem solving skills, it will depend on how much  conscious you are related to the existing problems. Make a daily schedule for practicing programs because practice makes perfect.
Technically  I prefer to learn program “C” first. You will learn basic ideas such as how to define variable, structure, pointer, array, loops, functions, methods and so on. These are the milestones of code structure. If you able to use these in program and projects you can gradually become a problem solver. Oh i forgot to introduce myself, i am a web developer. Probably you know in web development problem solving skills are  required otherwise I would not be able to work.
For instance unfortunately if the website loading time is not up to the mark I.e website is loading slowly,  especially in mobile devices, I would have to solve this problem as soon as possible . There are a number of problems behind that, as a developer l have to boost up the speed of the site within estimated time frame with confidence.
Technically speaking if you have passion towards learning programs, definitely you will become a problem solver gradually. But you have to learn basic skills. For instance if you are starting your career in web development, truly you will have to become better at problem solving. You can start web development by learning basic web skills like - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but gradually you need to learn database management also. In other words frontend as well as backend. Learn the basic fundamentals of a web page actually how it works over the http communication with server via get and post method. Furthermore you have to choose backend language such as PHP, ASP .NET MVC, Bootstrap, JavaScript framework like node js.
But if you started your career in web development with a CMS like Wordpress, there is nothing to learn technically speaking. There is only installation and adding plugins, you can create these easily in a  couple of minutes. But technically you will not know how these plugins actually work. But if you are an experienced programmer, you can use CMS because you know the code behind, you can easily customize according to business needs.
Always try to write your own logic avoid copy/paste as much as possible if you want to be a good problem solver/programmer.
Thanks. I hope you understand. Best of luck