What's New In Windows 8?

What's New in Windows 8?

Microsoft upcoming version of windows

New Features
  1. New Metro Environment.
  2. Old Desktop Environment.
  3. Support ARM and x86 Processor.
  4. Shared Core between windows 8 and windows phone 8.
  5. Optimization for tablets and touch PCs.
  6. Application communication between metro style applications.
Application Development Environment
  1. New Windows RT framework called Windows Runtime for metro style application development.
  2. .Net Framework 4.5
  3. .Net 4.5 API for metro style Application development.
  4. Support for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 for application development.
  5. WinRT API can be accessed through the choice of our language
  6. Managed Language C#.
  7. JavaScript
  8. Unmanaged Language C++.
  9. XAML
  10. New version of visual studio available.