Which WCF Template To Be Used

Recently, one of my colleagues asked me, "Which WCF template should I use to create a service?".
For experienced people, it may be a silly question but it is one of the common questions among beginners who have just entered the world of services. That’s the motivation that made me write this small post.

Well, let’s first have a look at what all the templates are available in Visual Studio 2015 for WCF.

The developer can choose any of the above templates as per the project needs. Let’s go through them one-by-one.
  • WCF Service Library
    This template is nothing but a simple service library which uses App.config as its configuration file.

  • WCF Service Application
    This template will create a website which, in turn, will be hosting a Service in it. Here, Web.config will be used to serve configuration settings.

  • WCF Workflow Service Application
    This template is useful when you want your workflow to be accessed as a web service.

  • Syndication service Library
    This template is useful when you want to expose RSS as a web service.
I hope now you are comfortable about which template to be chosen. Happy learning!