Who are Business Clarifiers?


                We are going through some of the new challenges never faced before which are the basis for writing this blog. Every consulting company has business analysts who are the people responsible for discussing any business related matters of the application with the end client. Technical community has a strong binding with these people. But market is changing quickly and all clients are looking for fixed price projects which meant, time is more precious on consultant side. They won't get payment for any single extra second. Developers are working in a tight environment and if they have any business related doubt, need to contact respective business analyst and business analyst needed to communicate to client. Here now seeing issues as during communication client may mix some technical matters which business analyst can't understand. So business analysts to wait till next day for communicate with the developer to clarify that technical matter and again need to approach to client with that information. In a fixed price project these all are very costly and project manager compel to interfere in the matter with a query that why a single clarification could not resolve within 24 hours? Actually it's nobody's fault and if someone literate about the technical matters and can communicate to business analyst, this might have been resolved. Here I am seeing we need a new generation of people who well versed in business aspects, but literate of technical matters. They will communicate to business analyst for any business clarifications. They will sit in between developers and business analysts with a primary responsibility of business clarifications for technical community. We can call them business clarifiers.  They should be promoted from a strong technical background and who need to drive their career towards business analyst. I think in future we may see more such needs based on market need. Here again proving the fact “Necessity is the mother of invention”, no matter whether it's a physical invention or logical.







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