Why do you use Social Networking Sites?

Hello friends, usually I do not write such posts on general topics but today I feel like sharing my thoughts through this post. Basically my topic is about Social Networking Sites.

Today social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In, etc have become so common that millions of people visit and use it daily. But are these sites worth visiting? I mean there are people who stick to these sites day and night.... And there are a people who think these sites are just waste of time. I want to ask you a question here... Why do you use Facebook or any other social networking site? What do you gain from it? Is it worth spending many hours on these sites?

There are a few things which I feel I should point out in this post... People use these sites for promoting their companies, promoting their products, etc, etc..... which I think is fine. But there are people who use these sites for spreading rumors, viruses and other bad things....

Recently the horrific incident which took place in Delhi spread like fire on these social networking sites. I saw a few posts where people spread fake images of girls with the victims name. I mean this is really bad!!! Not only this, if there are any special events like "Independence Day", "Gandhi Jayanti", etc.... People share posts on national anthems. I have seen few friends of mine, who share such posts on facebook but I don't see them coming down and sing national anthems with other society members...

I am not against any social networking sites, but I want to know as to what are you gaining from these sites? Also as I mentioned above about the fake rumors, how should a person stop becoming a victim of such things???

Hope to see your comments to solve my queries :)
Thank you!!!
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