Why Every Developer Should Write

I was reading a blog on why every entrepreneur should write here, and I think every developer should write too.

Do you remember your college days? Do you remember exam time? All year we goofed around, but the doors closed to all goofing for a couple of months during exam time. No? At least mine did.

Well, one thing I learned from my personal experience, is that if you are not focused but have an exam coming up, you start writing. First, you read and try to see how much you remember and start writing points on a paper. When you write or teach somebody, your brain tends to grasp and retain it for longer.

There is proof that you only retain about 10 percent of what you read but keep up to 50 percent of what you write. So writing actually helps you learn, and learn clearly.

When you write, and people read your writing, they start to follow you. Not only do you get respect, but you also get feedback from your readers, and you learn more about what is good and what is bad about what you wrote. Sometimes you get candid feedback, and sometimes you may get criticism. Do not take criticisms or bad comments in a negative way. It is the criticism that makes you better and stronger. This is how you learn. Nobody is born perfect, so don't be afraid to write what you have to say.

When you write, it reveals you to the public. Writing sometimes leads to an opportunity to be on stage to speak in front of audiences. If you write well, you may get published and receive invitations to conferences and meetings.

You can be a great developer, but if you do not share your expertise with anybody, nobody will know about you.

Write about what you enjoy and what you believe in. Do not write about topics that everybody is talking about and do not copy. When you write your first topic, you do not have to start big. You do not have to write a 50 page book or article. You can start slowly. You can start writing about a simple trick or tip you just learned from your personal experience, or something you liked and you think other developers may find interesting. You may help them by sharing this small tip. You can start writing as a blog and later write full-length articles and even a technical book. For more information, here is my blog on How to become a Technical Author.

Writing and Career

Writing comes with many surprises such as the Microsoft MVP award, Mindcracker MVP Award, cash prizes, monthly prizes, book authoring engagements, independent contract projects, jobs, and many more.

On C# Corner, we have over 20 Microsoft MVPs and over 40 Mindcracker MVPs. Many of our members have gotten many contract projects and even have authored many books. C# Corner and the Mindcracker Network is giving away many monthly prizes and helping you find a better job and consulting gigs.

How Do You Start?

Starting is simple. Pick a topic which you want to share and write a blog or article about it. If your topic has fewer than 150 words or it's just a code snippet, publish it as a blog. If you have an article with over 150 words, publish it as an article.

We understand, many of us do not have good English due to English being our non-primary language, but if you have a great article, do not hesitate to share with us. We have several editors helping us out editing article content.

Still Confused?

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