Will Microsoft Outlook.com Kill Gmail?

Will Microsoft Outlook.com Kill Gmail?

Microsoft just announced its new email service, Outlook.com and it looks like it is already a super hit. All Hotmail and other Microsoft mail users are already migrating to it. I have done it also.

Outlook.com is a much improved and better user interface the Gmail. I got sick and tired of Gmail and was thinking to migrate to something else any way. This is perfect timing.

To be frank, I grew sick and tired of Gmail. I have been seeing ads everywhere at the top and right side bar. The message thread was a mess. It was hard to figure out my messages. Integration with Outlook sucked and sync was very slow.

How about damn Circles? I don't want those damn circles or hangouts. I just wanted my plain simple email.

Do you think Google+ and Gmail integration will backfire on Google and will kill Gmail? I am not sure about you but I am leaving Gmail very soon. 

In a recent news published today, over 1 million users have already signed up for Outlook.com and it is just preview. Microsoft is expecting to have over 1 Billion accounts on Outlook.com.

Time will tell but so far, it looks promising.

I can also tell that Outlook will be the email client on Windows 8. How about that!