Windows 8 Experience the Traditional Way

Windows 8 Experience the Traditional Way 

Windows 8 has two modes - traditional Windows and new Metro.

In traditional Windows mode, you work exactly as you did in Windows 7 minus the Start Button. Even though Windows 8 supports Keyboard Shortcuts but Yes, we still miss the start button. Actually, if you use Windows 8 Hot Keys, your life will be much easier.

Then there is this another mode that used to be called Metro UI look. Now, Microsoft has changed the Metro Style app to Windows 8 app, who know what this new mode is called but this new mode is designed to work in a touch environment and has tiles as applications and swapping, flipping, and scrolling are new ways to work with Windows.


For developers, I am not sure how much sense the Metro mode makes but you can totally ignore it. I have been using Windows 8 for couple of weeks now and running most of my applications including Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server and Office 2013


So, here is the good news. You can totally ignore the Metro mode without any problems and continue working on Windows 8 as you were on your previous operating systems. Most of your devices, drivers and other software should work just fine. 

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