Windows 8 is the end if Windows. Seriously?

I just read Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff talks about how Windows 8 is the end of Windows operating system. May be I misunderstood but seriously. Does he really understand what Windows 8 is? Windows 8 is an operating system that connects my laptop to my TV to my Xbox to my Tablet to my Phone. Do you remember how popular a universal remote is? I would say, very popular. Every household has a universal remote control. That is what Windows 8 is with cloud and sharing capabilities.

I know people are saying Windows 8 either will break or make Microsoft. Well, to me, this might not be the right time for Microsoft to bring Windows 8 to the market to due to lack of adoption of the business users but as a developer and user, I like Windows 8.

I like how I can have same functionality, look and feel and features on my Tablet and my Xbox and even my TV. Not only that, now Windows 8 supports Windows Store apps and SkyDrive and the key point is the seemless integration of all these make it easy for every user. Let's not forget Office 2013 and Office 365 that is just wonderful. 

Windows 8 makes Apple and other operating system look obsolete.

That is my take. Time will tell but I have all good things to say about Windows 8.


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