Windows Phone 7.5 New Features

New In Windows Phone 7.5

Windows phone 7.5 is a successor of windows phone 7. The new release has come up with some new cool     features and enhancements in terms of emailing, messaging, social networking, browsing and applications. The list of some of those is:

  • You can create custom ringtones from audio files or can convert text messages into audio ringtone.
  • You can use your voice to text and can search the web that means totally hands free experience.
  • Media messaging becomes better with the inclusion of pictures, audio, video, voice notes in instant messages.
  • Inbuilt facebook chat messenger.
  • You can create groups and pin to start and see the latest updates from friends included in group. So it is easy send text, emails.
  • Inbuilt twitter and linked in apps.
  • Live tiles have been improved further and now you can see live tiles animating and in a slide show fashion carrying the latest updates of your friends.
  • Bing search made better. You can search nearby restaurants, shopping, activities directly on bing just in a single tap.
  • You can save camera setting like picture resolution, brightness and other available options for next time.
  •  Microsoft office documents can be synchronized with the help of skydrive directly from your mobile device to your computers and hotmail account.
  • Excel Mobile improvements like easier cell selection, and quick calculations.
  • Now windows phone supports office 365 which takes office docs to clouds.
  • You can share your internet connections with other electronic wi-fi enabled devices by turning on sharing features.
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