Xamarin Wars - The iOS Strikes Back

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."
Yeah dude! iOS is the dark side!
Xamarin Wars is a series of articles I am writing, to share my opinion and adventure of working with Xamarin.
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I received the following demand.
"Publish the app in the Apple Store and send to some users to test that app".
So, I started with some simple research and found a lot of documents on how to publish your app on the Apple Store for testing. I have read all the official articles but none of thm are complete; and it's hard to understand them.
Some articles I found include: "Provisioning Profile, Certificate, Identifier, and others".
This is not the requirement of Xamarin. It's Apple Store's bureaucracy.
Basically, we will need"
iOS Developer Program

Join the  iOS Developer Program to start publishing your app.
Test Flight 

It's an app to download and test your app.
iTunes Connect

Apple Store's control panel web site. Here, you can create your apps, your user testers, send the invitation for testers, control your payments, and other things.

Finally, I published my app successfully and it's working fine. All testers are notified when a new version is released and it's easy to update. It's organized and has a lot of security steps.
I am writing an article step by step on how to publish on Apple Store.
At Google Play Store, it's easier to publish but it's a madhouse with less security, where everyone can do anything without Google's approval.
The dark side won this battle against the rebels.
See you in the next episode!