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Add filter "Posted Date", “Not Attended”, ”Not Satisfied” under "Interviews" section.

By Sumit Sharma Jun 13 2016
Add couple of more filter like "Posted Date", “Not Attended”, ”Not Satisfied” under "Interviews" section along with "Category" and "Job function" filter. With this move we can nail down following difficulties. Posted Date : 1. Users can get quick replies for recently posted queries. 2. No need to shuffle very old posted queries. Not Attended : 1. Unattended queries will get their replies at first. 2. Users can search only for those queries who doesn't get not a single reply. *Not Satisfied : 1. User can fetch list of queries for which no suitable answer has been delivered yet. 2. Such queries can get attention at its first. * This filter depends upon “Marked Satisfied” feature.

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