Sapna Malik
Do view contain Data?
By Sapna Malik in Databases & DBA on Jun 06 2011
  • patel keyur
    Dec, 2014 18

    view is a mirror of database ,it does not contains a data..

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  • RajaGopal Gce
    Jan, 2017 21

    yes like mirror, you see it mirror, u got result

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  • Ashish Srivastava
    Jul, 2016 8

    If normal view than it does not contains the data. and if it is materialized view than it contains the data.

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  • Keerthi Venkatesan
    Apr, 2016 20

    If normal view than it does not contains the data. and if it is materialsed view than it contains the data.

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    Jul, 2015 29

    View does not conatains data it fetch the data from the underlying tables.

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  • Pankaj  Kumar Choudhary
    Jun, 2015 16

    No, view do mot contain data. it contains only the SQL Statement.When we try to fetch the data from view , it internally hits the table and get the data from the table.

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  • Debendra Dash
    Apr, 2015 21


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  • Trilochan Tripathi
    Oct, 2014 14

    yes views(SQl) can be consider as virtual table containing data.

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  • Santhosh Subramaniam
    May, 2012 28

    No, Views do not have any data for own , it derives data from n number of tables to reduce user Query process, Increase Security..

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  • Ashish Doshi
    Jun, 2011 8

    Views, generally do not contain data of their own. They are basically SQL Commands stored and they return the resultant data based upon the SQL statement, used as the View definition.

    However, in Oracle, you have a concept of Materialised Views, which actually hold data, based upon the SQL command associated with the same view.

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  • Sapna Malik
    Jun, 2011 6

    The views do not contain data and store data.

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  • Jignesh Kumar
    Jun, 2018 17

    No, View does not contain any data. It is just behave like virtual table. When we issue any statement on view, it executes the query to get the rows from the underlying table on which view is been created.

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