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What are Java Operators?

Explain the defination and type of java operators

By Rohit Gupta in Java on Sep 09 2019
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    What are Java Operators?

    Operators are some special symbols that are used to perform mathematical and logical operations on the operands and returns the result. There are several types of operators in java which are used to perform the different operations. For example, the (+) operator symbol is used to add two or more operands and returns the addition as a result.

    Operators in Java

    We can divide Java operators into the following 7 major categories:

    1. Assignment Operator
    2. Arithmetic Operators
    3. Relational Operators
    4. Unary Operators
    5. Logical Operators
    6. Conditional(Ternary) Operators
    7. InstanceOf Operator
    8. Bitwise Operators

    For a detailed tutorial on Java Operators , visit

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