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What is Intel OpenVINO?

What is IntelOpenVINO? Why to use Intel OpenVINO?

By Rohit Gupta in Artificial Intelligence on Sep 03 2020
  • Rohit Gupta
    Sep, 2020 3

    The OpenVINO™ Toolkit’s name comes from “Open Visual Inferencing and Neural Network Optimization”. It is largely focused around optimizing neural network inference and is open source.

    OpenVINO™ Toolkit

    1. Enables deep learning inference on CNN-based edge devices
    2. Supports heterogeneous execution across an Intel® CPU (Central Processing Unit), Intel® Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (IGPU), Intel® FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS2) and Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel® Movidius™ VPUs
    3. With the use of an easy-to-use library of computer vision functions and preoptimized kernels, it speeds time-to-market
    4. Includes optimized calls for computer vision standards, including OpenCV* and OpenCL™

    To learn more, visit.

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