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Rajesh Gami
What is the difference between each version of MVC 2, 3 , 4, 5 and 6?
By Rajesh Gami in .NET onApr 14 2018
  • Shivam Shukla
    Jun, 2018 27

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  • Rajesh Gami
    Apr, 2018 14

    MVC 6ASP.NET MVC and Web API has been merged in to one.Dependency injection is inbuilt and part of MVC.Side by side - deploy the runtime and framework with your applicationEverything packaged with NuGet, Including the .NET runtime itself.New JSON based project structure.No need to recompile for every change. Just hit save and refresh the browser.Compilation done with the new Roslyn real-time compiler.vNext is Open Source via the .NET Foundation and is taking public contributions.vNext (and Rosyln) also runs on Mono, on both Mac and Linux today.MVC 5One ASP.NETAttribute based routingAsp.Net IdentityBootstrap in the MVC templateAuthentication FiltersFilter overridesMVC 4ASP.NET Web APIRefreshed and modernized default project templatesNew mobile project templateMany new features to support mobile appsEnhanced support for asynchronous methodsMVC 3RazorReadymade project templatesHTML 5 enabled templatesSupport for Multiple View EnginesJavaScript and AjaxModel Validation ImprovementsMVC 2Client-Side ValidationTemplated HelpersAreasAsynchronous ControllersHtml.ValidationSummary Helper MethodDefaultValueAttribute in Action-Method ParametersBinding Binary Data with Model BindersDataAnnotations AttributesModel-Validator ProvidersNew RequireHttpsAttribute Action FilterTemplated HelpersDisplay Model-Level Errors

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