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I am fond of Windows as a platform doing innovations on the front trying to integrate new technologies with Windows Store.Currently exploring Unreal 4 and Visual Studio.I like Game Development moving forward will like to bring in complete touch less gesture based experience to Windows Universal Apps. I like C++ for its rapid fastness and will like to learn more about Direct X.I like HTML 5 and JavaScript for its ease to implementation in Windows Store.I like Unity as. I can push more polished games into Windows Store,fan of opensource.Plus the following Developing Intel® RealSense™ applications using Processing and Unity in Windows Platform.Android* on Intel architecture: Developing Android-based games using Project Anarchy(build on Visual Studio) and exploring it. Using Intel XDK to create Windows Store Apps as well as Android apps (Crosswalk framework, WebGL integrated). Currently exploring Intel INDE IDE to build cross-platform apps.MICROSOFT MVP@WINDOWS PLATFORM DEV,INTEL BLACK BELT,INTEL SOFTWARE INNOVATOR

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