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I am trying to create an application in C# which will extract and save RSS feeds onto the D drive. I am using the following C# code to save the file on the disk rssReader = new XmlTextReader(FeedAddress.Text); rssDoc = new XmlDocument(); //Load the XML contents into a XMLDocument rssDoc.Load(rssReader); rssDoc.Save("D://text.xml"); Everything works wells and the file is saved in the "utf-8" format if the extension of the link is XML (e.g The problem comes when I try to save a feed with .rss extension (e.g, instead of saving the feed in "utf-8" format it saves the feed in "ISO-8859-1" format. Moreover, when I try to save the feed with .rss extension using the Save As option of the Internet Explorer it saves the feed in "utf-8" format but when I use the C# code to save the same feed it saves it in the "ISO-8859-1" format. Is there any way to save the feed with .rss extension in "utf-8" format instead of "ISO-8859-1" format? I have even tried to save the XML file using System.Net.WebClient but it is also saving the file in ISO-8859-1 format. Thanks

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