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Computing has always been my major interest, from a young age I've always had a keen interest in programming. As a kid I was interested in math and Since my School Days I had the start to be a small program. Programming has always been my strongest subject and I would definitely say that it is the field I want to work in. Computers are such a large part of life these days and they reach into every aspect, I would love to be a part of the development of software that makes changes to the way people work with technology. I involved myself with a day at college showing a programming environment called "Scratch", It shows the logic behind programming. I've always enjoyed teaching people and helping people understand computers. I currently work in a India Based Software company that is working on Web Application Program, and there I am a Sr. Software Developer. I look forward to my time at Best software development industry and expanding my knowledge of computers ready for a job in the software development industry.