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Rajiv “Raj” Tiwari is contributing his keen insights and expertise to more than 20 countries across six continents. Raj is “Bridging the collaboration gaps” via innovation and transforming the way industries do business, leverage technology, drive growth and reach global customers.
Raj has also shared his expertise and helped several Fortune 100 Companies in last 20 years. Raj is a transformation leader and internationally renowned innovator in the world of business process management and technology transformation, he is one of the few optimizations, consolidation and harmonization professionals in the world who is an expert in understanding and advancing the way processes and technology in any business merge to drive growth and profitability.
Raj is working for Johnson & Johnson as Global landscape/systems manager and responsible for world’s one of the biggest program “Back to Basics “. BtB is one of the world’s biggest process-based business transformation Program to deliver the Supply Chain strategic enterprise capabilities and enable Supply Chain and Finance efficiencies enabled through deployment of a business services platform built off of SAP tools and technologies.
Raj’s contributions doesn’t limited to help only industries, After helping industries Raj went to next level to help nation and his dedication and passion for helping the America through its innovation made him to start the initiative “Reinventing America Today” (Raj being the founding President) and its unique concept of merging technology with innovation, which is becoming increasingly popular as it benefits both individuals and organizations across the globe. The broad based mission of “Reinventing America Today” is to revitalize America’s economic growth and global competitiveness via business and technology transformation, increase investment in the United States. His idea was to bring and generate more jobs and industrial competitiveness by advancing business, science and technology via innovation in a way that enhance economic stability and improve American’s quality of life. An essential element is to make America’s future strong.