Google Announces Cloud DNS Forwarding

Recently, Google has announced new capability named as Cloud DNS forwarding that allows the resources, both in the cloud and on-premises, to find each other through DNS.

Recently, Google has announced Cloud DNS forwarding, a new capability that allows the resources to find each other through DNS. The functionality works on both types of resources, in the cloud and on-premises.
The solution delivers the option to either implement Google DNS or one's private authoritative server as a DNS provider. DNS forwarding is currently in beta.
"In a nutshell, DNS forwarding provides a first-class GCP managed service to connect your DNS cloud and on-prem environments, providing unified naming for your workloads and resources. Further, you can use DNS forwarding for inbound traffic, outbound traffic, or both, to support existing or future network architecture needs." wrote the company.
Cloud DNS forwarding 
Source: Google 
Cloud DNS forwarding offers the options to set up a DNS infrastructure entirely according to the wishes of the owner of the network. One option is to manage all requests using Cloud DNS, which is known as inbound forwarding and lets on-premises resources go through the Cloud DNS to resolve any name over Cloud VPN or Cloud Interconnect.
Alternatively, the Outbound Forwarding feature enables your GCP resources to use your existing DNS authoritative servers on-prem, including BIND, Active Directory, etc.
Moreover, another feature - Intelligent Google caching - will improve the performance of your queries; cached queries will not require to travel over your connectivity links.
According to the company, DNS forwarding is a fully managed service, there is no need to use any additional software or your own compute and support resources.
To know more, you can visit the official announcement here.