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  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - FAQ's

    In this article we will discuss abour Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which is must and essential for every architect.
  • Software Architecture Interview Questions Part 2 ( Design pattern )

    In this article we will cover Interpreter pattern,iterator pattern,mediator pattern,memento pattern,observer pattern from Interview perspective.
  • Web Application Architecture

    This article is about web application architecture. In this article you see how to separate each layer and why it's necessary for good application architecture. Also a small introduction to the Spring Framework and ORM can be found in this article.
  • Portable Class Library With Model View View-Model (MVVM)

    In this article I will explore one more cool idea, the Portable Class Library (PCL) with Model View View-Model (MVVM). After an introduction to the PCL,I’ll also provide a good number of PCL Demos in multiple platforms.
  • Technologies Behind SOA

    In this article you will see few technologies in the world for SOA, like WSDL and UDDI.
  • Service Oriented Architecture: SOA

    In this article we will discuss Service Oriented Architecture and Simple Object Access Protocol.
  • Onion Architecture in MVC Applications

    In this article you will learn about the Onion Architecture in ASP.NET MVC applications.
  • What is a Twelve Factor Compliant App

    Learn about the Twelve Factor Compliant App.