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Blockchain is a technology to create and maintain cryptographically secure, shared, and distributed ledger for financial, and non-financial transactions. Blockchain brings trust, accountability, and transparency to digital transactions.


  • What is Hyperledger Fabric

    Hyperledger Fabric is one of the projects within Hyperledger. This article explains what Hyperledger Fabric project is all about and how it’s different than other blockchain projects out there.
  • What Is Corda Blockchain

    The Corda Platform is an open source blockchain platform. What is Corda Blockchain. How does Corda distributed ledger technology work. What is Corda Enterprise and how to build CorDapps using Corda.
  • Bitcoin Block Height: How Many Blocks Have Been Mined So Far?

    I believe you all are aware of Blockchain and bitcoin. In this video, we will see the process of finding the number of blocks that have been mined so far.
  • Key Concepts Of Blockchain

    As I mentioned in my previous blogs about Blockchain, let's take it apart and discuss it in a bit more detail. Consider this as a single block of BC. As you can see there are multiple dimensions o
  • Blockchain Basics - Wallet

    You may heard people call a Blockchain software a wallet. What is a wallet? What is the purpose of a wallet? Is a wallet a node software? How is it used to store your cryptocurrencies? In this article
  • Blockchain Basics - Node

    When we are talking about Blockchain, we describe it with a lot of new terms, such as Node, Full Node, Light Node, Miner, etc. Without understanding them and telling the difference, you will not be ab
  • Blockchain, An Unblocked Opportunity For Developers

    My aim with this article is to bring some attention to the size of the opportunity blockchain presents for software developers.
  • How Public And Private Keys Are Generated In Blockchain Networks

    Blockchain networks uses asymmetric encryption technique, the public and private key is used for verification and signing of transactions.
  • Bitcoin Blockchain - Genesis

    Imagine if an infrastructure were there where everyone could securely process transactional code and access the data that can never be tampered with. All the transactions are stored in a form of a blo
  • NBitcoin - Introduction To NBitcoin

    I wrote an introduction to Stratis - A C# and .NET Blockchain solution. Stratis Platform was not built from scratch. It was built on top of NBitcoin - the most complete Bitcoin library for the .NET pl
  • Blockchain Basics - BIP

    Bitcoin started the Blockchain revolution. It disrupted many industries with the decentralized database concept. There is no central authority controlling the network. It reduced overhead and gave ind
  • An Overview Of Blockchain

    Blockchains are very popular now a day, many of us have a misconception that blockchain is related to cryptocurrency. That’s not true, blockchains are not scoped till cryptocurrencies but it's far
  • Stratis - Stratis Full Node

    The key component of a Blockchain is the Blockchain node. In order to understand how a Blockchain works, you must understand how a Blockchain node works.
  • Stratis - Introduction To Stratis Platform

    Stratis Platform is a flexible, powerful Blockchain development platform designed originally for the needs of real-world financial services businesses. It also provides benefits to other types of orga
  • Blockchain Technology In Education

    Imagine if an infrastructure which is available, and everyone can securely process transactional code and access the data that can never be tampered. All the transactions are stored in a form of a blo
  • Deploy A New Application In Azure Blockchain Workbench

    In this article, we will discuss the deployment of a new application in Azure Blockchain Workbench.
  • Stratis Launches Puzzle Challenge To Find Its Next Rockstar Developer

    Recently, Stratis has offered a series of 12 sequential puzzles that include general logic, cryptography, blockchain knowledge, and aptitude. In the meanwhile top prize of the puzzles is equivalent to
  • Google Cloud Partners With Digital Asset Over Blockchain Developer Tools

    Digital Assets and Google Cloud have now entered a partnership.
  • Blockchain Basics - Smart Contracts In Blockchain

    Blockchain has got a lot of attention recent years because it provides a security, trust, low cost solution to deal with transactions and data management. Because that, smart contract become possible.
  • Blockchain Basics - Fork

    A Blockchain is a decentralized database that is composed of a network of computers which have a copy of Blockchain node software running. A Blockchain uses a chain of blocks to store data. Blocks in
  • Oracle Enterprise Blockchain Generally Available Now

    Oracle Blockchain service is now generally available now.
  • Blockchain Development - Programming Smart Contracts Using Solidity, Truffle And Test RPC - Part ...

    In my last article on Blockchain Development, we learned about setting up the development environment before we start coding or developing our first smart contract. We installed necessary packages and
  • Microsoft And Adents Join Hands On Blockchain Fraud Detection System

    A new uint-level product track and trace platform, Adents NovaTrack has debuted recently in VivaTech 2018 in Paris. This project was developed under a partnership between Microsoft and Adents.
  • Building A Blockchain In .NET Core - Transaction And Reward

    In my previous article, I talked about Proof of Work. Proof of Work requires a lot of computing time, in turn, it uses a lot of electricity. One example is that the power consumed by the entire Bitcoi
  • Create Your First Smart Contract In Ethereum With Ganache And Remix IDE

    We will set up a private Ethereum blockchain with ganache and will write and deploy smart contract in this, with the simplest way possible.