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Blockchain is a technology to create and maintain cryptographically secure, shared, and distributed ledger for financial, and non-financial transactions. Blockchain brings trust, accountability, and transparency to digital transactions.


  • Blockchain FAQ

    Blockchain is a trending technology and many among us want to learn it. There are many resources available. Still, there are some common questions people ask very often on forums or in comments. To clear up all those doubts, we'll go through the basic blockchain FAQs.
  • Getting Started With Smart Contracts In C#

    In this article, I will explain the development tools and steps required to write your first smart contract in C# and Visual Studio 2017.
  • What Is The Future Of Blockchain

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have proved the potential of what blockchain can bring to the world. Here, learn what the future of blockchain is.
  • What Is BankChain?

    Learn what BankChain is all about. BankChain is a blockchain-based platform for exploring, building, and implementing blockchain solutions. Based on blockchain technology, BankChain promises to bring transparency, efficiency, and security to the banking industry.
  • Introduction To NEO Blockchain

    NEO Blockchain is one of the most popular public blockchains in the world. This article is a basic introduction to NEO Blockchain from a developer's perspective.
  • Create Your Own Cryptocurrency In Private Consortium Network Ethereum Azure Blockchain

    In this article, we will create our own cryptocurrency and our own private consortium network in Azure. We will be using Ethereum proof-of-work consortium solution from Azure.
  • Understanding Hyperledger

    In this article we will know about Hyperledger Developer Tools, Hyperledger Platforms, What Is Hyperledger Fabric, What Is Hyperledge.
  • What Is Blockchain

    Learn what blockchain is all about, what blockchain is used for, and where you can start learning blockchain technology.
  • What is the Most Popular Blockchain in the World?

    There are more than two thousand blockchain projects. Do you wonder which blockchain is the most popular blockchain among them all? In this article, I list the world’s most popular blockchains based on their rankings.
  • How To Become A Blockchain Developer

    Blockchain developers are in demand. Do you want to become a blockchain developer. Learn what skills do you need to become a blockchain developer.
  • GDPR And Blockchain

    The European Union GDPR (“General Data Protection Regulation”) has taken effect and has changed the business process EU citizens' data with increased privacy protection which has an important change, i.e., “Right to be forgotten” or can be said as the right to permanently delete user data. GDPR aims to protect data, which includes name, address, contact details any kind of biometric or identification data, location, Web IP etc.
  • Salary of a blockchain developer

    Blockchain developers are one of the highest-paid developers. This article talks about blockchain developer salaries. Salary of a blockchain engineer, salary of a blockchain architect.
  • Most Popular Blockchain Development Language

    C++, Java, Go, Java, Python, JavaScript, and C# are some of the most popular programming languages for blockchain development.
  • Why Do I Need Blockchain

    Are you new to blockchain? If want to learn what blockchain is all about and why do you need a blockchain. In this article, you’ll learn the purpose of blockchain and what questions you should be asking yourself before making a decision on blockchain.
  • Top 5 Blockchain Programming Languages

    What is the best blockchain programming language? In this article, I will talk about the most popular blockchain programming languages to build blockchain products and blockchain applications.
  • How Many Blockchain Jobs Are There?

    Today, there are more than 4,000 companies that are involved in blockchain development. Blockchain jobs are growing and by 2020, there will be more blockchain jobs including blockchain architect, blockchain engineer, blockchain developer, blockchain web developer, blockchain test engineer, blockchain project manager, and VP blockchain technology.
  • What is Hyperledger Fabric

    Hyperledger Fabric is one of the projects within Hyperledger. This article explains what Hyperledger Fabric project is all about and how it’s different than other blockchain projects out there.
  • What Is Corda Blockchain

    The Corda Platform is an open source blockchain platform. What is Corda Blockchain. How does Corda distributed ledger technology work. What is Corda Enterprise and how to build CorDapps using Corda.
  • Key Concepts Of Blockchain

    As I mentioned in my previous blogs about Blockchain, let's take it apart and discuss it in a bit more detail. Consider this as a single block of BC. As you can see there are multiple dimensions of this block.
  • Blockchain Basics - Wallet

    You may heard people call a Blockchain software a wallet. What is a wallet? What is the purpose of a wallet? Is a wallet a node software? How is it used to store your cryptocurrencies? In this article, I am going to answer all the questions.
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