Databases & DBA
A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. Here you may find Databases & DBA related articles and news.


  • How to Restore MongoDB Databases

    In this blog you will learn How to Restore MongoDB Databases.
  • Basics of Learning Database

    In this blog we will learn the basics of database.
  • Import Data from a Huge .dbf (FoxPro Database) File

    In this blog you will learn how to Import Data from a Huge .dbf (FoxPro Database) File.
  • DocumentDB - a NoSQL Database from Microsoft

    This blog briefs about DocumentDB which a NoSQL DB from Microsoft.
  • Create Index in MongoDb

    This blog gives example, how to create index in Collection in Mongodb database
  • Choosing between LINQ and ADO.NET

    How to choosing between LINQ and ADO.NET?
  • Database Management System

    This blog defines data base management system.
  • Introduction to Data

    This blog explains the introduction to Data.
  • Analysis Services Error: " The Size Specified for a Binding too Small"

    This blog defines analysis Services Error in Database.
  • Setting Up the MongoDB Server

    MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database system. Classified as a NoSQL database.
  • Deadlock vs Livelock

    Describes Deadlock and Livelock
  • MYSQL Database Backup / Restore

    Using this blog, you can easily create your mysql database backup and you can restore your database also.
  • What is Dirty Read

    Here we will discuss how the Dirty Read Occurs.
  • SSIS Project Deployment Model in SQL Server 2012

    This blog talks about Project Deployment Model introduced in SQL Server 2012.
  • Configuration yum

    Configuration yum for purpose of installing rpm packages.
  • Synonym types in oracle

    In English language usually we heard about synonym which means the other name of a word, similarly synonym in oracle made the possibility to shorten the object names which are very much complex.
  • How to DROP columns from an existing table in oracle

    In Oracle, the possibility to drop a column/columns in an existing table can be available only after the origin of oracle 8i.
  • Introduction to Big Data

    This blog post will help you understand what is big data and so on....
  • Data Access Technologies in Microsoft World

    Data and data access technologies have changed a lot for Microsoft developers in recent years.
  • Error Codes and Explanation for MySQL Database Server

    Here I will explain all Error Codes and Explanation for MySQL Database Server.