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  • Complete Guide To Increase Site Speed

    I think it's not a secret to anyone that site speed affects a lot of factors. It affects not only if the visitor will wait for your site to load, but also the SEO optimization. The search engines
  • Microsoft Releases Edge Devtools Protocol

    Recently, Microsoft has released Edge Devtools Protocol. It is a set of REST and JSON-RPC/WebSocket APIs enabling the client to diagnose and debug Microsoft Edge tabs.
  • Lemmatizing In Natural Language Processing

    We have been through the process of stemming in which we had reduced inflected words to their word stem (base form). There is a similar concept called lemmatizing. In stemming there are chances of get
  • Why Is So Much Business Content Unoriginal?

    I create a lot of content, and part of my job is to keep a close eye on what’s happening across a number of different industries. I read dozens of articles every day, and every day I’m struck with an
  • An Introduction To SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Developers

    How often do you visit a particular website? Or, for how long do you surf the internet? For most of us, the answer would be -- a number of times. You are not the only one browsing a website at a time.
  • Why We Need SSL For Our Website

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically a web server (website) and a browser.
  • How To Prevent Being Hacked

    In this blog, I will talk about some more cool tips and tricks to help you prevent getting hacked.
  • Create Multiple Web Applications On Port 80 On IIS

    This is an obvious requirement from any client when it comes to hosting for http. if you want to host multiple Sharepoint site collections on same 80 port , it can be achieved through following steps.
  • How To Force The Browser To Reload Cached .JS, .CSS Files To Reflect The Latest Changes To Those ...

    Whenever we do some modification to the existing .js, .css files and move them to a production environment, those changes may not get reflected in the browser of customer who is using our software.
  • How To Change HTTP Browser Cache Size

    HTTP Caching is available in most browsers and helps make a website more responsive and reduce network bandwidth. In this article, we will understand how to increase or decrease the Cache size in Mode
  • Master Plan For Your Email Marketing

    Take a look at these email marketing strategies which are followed by top marketing pros
  • Foundation Of Web Development - Part One

    Let's say you are partying with your seniors who are already placed or working in big name IT companies. So, as an aspiring software engineer/Job seeker, you ask a question (this is the question w
  • Microsoft Brings Progressive Web Apps To Edge And Windows 10

    Windows has introduced Progressive Web Apps to Edge and Windows 10.
  • Transform Web.Config File While Deploying The Web Application Project

    One of the nice features that supports Visual Studio 2010 and above versions is Web.Config (XDT) transformations.
  • Automation Configuration Using Jenkins

    In this article, I am going to show you the automation configuration using Jenkins.
  • Mozilla Launches Firefox Quantum

    Mozilla launches Firefox Quantum, a brand new version of Firefox web browser.
  • It Is High Time To Regulate Social Media Platforms Before It Is Too Late

    Social media platforms have become not only a way for people all over the world to communicate, get updated, and find old and new friends, they have also become a source of information and the latest
  • An Overview Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    In this article, l will give an overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • A Guide To Those Who Are Considering Information Technology Careers And Jobs

    With the evolving technology trends these days, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to IT careers to be more profitable. The information technology world has opened up a whole new wo
  • OSI Model

    The OSI Model (Open System Interconnection) is a framework to define the protocol implementation in computer networking.
  • Major Software Development Trends Driving Success In Any Business Organization

    Software development continues to evolve. There are a lot of trends in developing software solutions that drive success in business organizations.
  • How Technology Improves Shipping, Transportation, And Logistics

    The advent of technology in shipping, transportation and logistics paves the way for streamlined and effective processes. Today, technological advances made the work of shipping goods from place to pl
  • Restaurants Invest In Technology To Improve Overall Efficiency

    Restaurants are now starting to invest in technology to boost their overall efficiency. Moreover, they want to provide patrons with nothing but the best experience while dining and to attract prospect
  • Travel And Hospitality Technology Trends

    Technology trends this year and beyond are set to reshape the way people travel all over the world. Moreover, the technology trends are helping the industry become more profitable, thus boosting the R
  • Information And Communication Technology : An Industry Of Innovation

    ICT or the information and communication technology is now an industry of innovation. It’s the tech that makes scientific discoveries, develops the latest product design and powers financial innovatio