Windows Forms
Welcome to Windows Forms section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Windows Forms related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.


  • CoolLayout .NET: A Windows Forms Component

    CoolLayout.NET is design time enabled .NET component which helps to create professional forms with no coding efforts.
  • DataGrid Customization Part-II: Custom Sorting and DataGrid Column Hiding

    How to I get the name and index of the Column headers? How do I find out if mouse click right click was on a column
  • Kill an Application with System Menu using C#

    This article uses the Windows API’s to kill the application running under windows environment.
  • Function to Change a Block of Text to Title Case

    Function to change a block of text to Title Case.
  • How To:Creating Dialogs in .NET

    This tutorial was written in response to a newbie question in the Forums on how to create a dialog in .NET and extract the information from it.
  • Using ApplicationContext to Encapsulate Splash Screen Functionality

    The enclosed article also gives a detail explanation of what happens behind the scenes when a WinForm application is started.
  • Advanced File Explorer using C# and Windows Forms

    The aim is to create an application which (enhanced windows explorer) consists a tree view where someone can see the files available in the existing drives up to certain levels.
  • Short Cuts for Toolbar Buttons

    This tutorial tells the story about "How to create short cuts for toolbar buttons?".
  • WinGhost 2.0

    The winGhost 2.0 application allows you to show and hide applications running on your machine.
  • Multi Selection of DataGrid Rows without Ctrl Click

    This article shows how to select multiple rows in a DataGrid without using CRTL.
  • Adding Picture To Button On OutLook CommandBar

    This article describes the process to add a picture on a button on an Outlook Commandbar while using Explorer or Inspector.
  • Buliding Text to Speech Applications using SAPI 5.1 and C#

    In this article,The Speech application programming interface (SAPI) considerably decreases the code necessary for an application to use speech recognition and text-to-speech, making speech technology more handy and robust for broad range of applications
  • Using MS Agent in C# - Part-II(Speech Recognition)

    This article explains how to use MS Agent to write speech recognition applications using C# and. NET.
  • Using MS Agent in C# - Part-III

    In this article, I will show you how to write a program which lists all the animations of the loaded characters which speak to us using synthesized speech, recorded audio, or text in a cartoon word balloon.
  • Using MS Agent in C#-Part-I(Text To Speech)

    This article explains how to use MS Agent to write text-to-speech applications using C# and .NET.