Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) is a declarative programming language to build Windows apps used in WPF and UWP. This category lists various XAML learning tutorials, XAML code samples, XAML articles, and XAML book.


  • Data Binding in XAML

    This blog describe how to bind data in XAML.
  • Crazy About Run tag in WPF

    In this blog you will learn Showing the text content in UI without space using in XAML.
  • Simple Class Binding in XAML

    In this article you will learn how to create Simple Class Binding in XAML.
  • Using XAML TabControl in WPF

    This tutorial shows how to use a TabControl in WPF.
  • Using XAML StatusBar in WPF

    This tutorial shows how to use a WPF StatusBar in WPF.
  • Static Resource Vs Dynamic Resource in XAML

    This blow show the difference between Static Resource and Dynamic Resource in XAML.
  • Hardware Accelerated Graphics With Win2D

    This article describes Win2D that provides us access to the powerful DirectX for 2D graphics.
  • How to Bind a Dictionary to a Listbox in Apps Based in XAML

    In this article you will learn how to binding a Dictionary to a Listbox in apps based in XAML, using the MVVM pattern.
  • What's New In Prism 5.0?

    In this article you will learn what is new in Prism 5.0.
  • Beginning XAML

    This article provides a simple way to try XAML for learning purposes without C#.
  • Style Controls in XAML

    XAML is the universal language for WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Store app user interfaces. In this article, we will learn how to create and use styles on UI elements using XAML.
  • Round Button in WPF

    This blog illustrates to create a round button in WPF.
  • Working With Collections in XAML

    This article demonstrates how to work with collections in XAML.
  • Access Collection Types in XAML

    How to access a collection type in your XAML code.
  • Blend 3 Sketch Flow New Features - Part I

    New Features of Blend 3 + SketchFlow. This is a series of articles.
  • Expression Blend 3 With Sketch Flow

    In this article We will talk about Blend 3 with Sketch Flow, as this is the RC release from Microsoft. Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow
  • Understanding Content Property In XAML

    The Content property in XAML (WPF and Windows Store controls) is a little of a tricky one. This article sheds some light on it.
  • How to Define and Configure a Grid Control Within a WPF Application Using C#: Part II

    In a previous article, we discovered how to define and configure a Grid control using XAML. In this second article I’ll demonstrate how to do the same task using the code behind, I mean using C#.
  • How to Define and Configure a Grid Control Within a WPF Aplication Using XAML: Part I

    In this article, I will try to make a representation of the Grid object witch is directly derived from the Panel abstract class and we can say that is a flexible area that contains rows and columns, it plays a role of container in a given WPF window.
  • Your first Animations Using XAML and Silverlight - Color Animation: Part I

    In this article, I will give a trick of how to deal with ColorAnimation class within VS2008 and Silverlight context using both xaml and C# 4.0, afterward, and in the two subsequent articles, we’ll focus on the DoubleAnimation and PointAnimation.
  • Load XAML File Dynamically

    In this article, you will see how to load a XAML file in code.
  • 3D in XAML/C#: Independent Control of Multiple 3D Models

    A short program that shows how to use 3DModelGroups, Animation and camera position control.
  • Introduction to XAML

    This introduction to XAML will talk about the basics of XAML.
  • Adding Images to Resource in WPF

    This blog describes how to add images to resource using XAML.
  • Formatting Strings In Binding

    In this Blog you will learn about Formatting the strings in binding.