Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) is a declarative programming language to build Windows apps used in WPF and UWP. This category lists various XAML learning tutorials, XAML code samples, XAML articles, and XAML book.


  • Top Navigation Bar Using XAML

    How we can create top navigation bar using XAML and C# for Windows Store apps?
  • Create Lists Inside Another List With Binding

    Today, I'm going to show you how you can display a few lists either in an expandable ListView or ListBox.
  • Understanding XAML Schemas And Namespace Declarations.

    In this blog you will learn about XAML Schemas and Namespace declarations.
  • Adding a Page Load event in XAML ( Window Store Apps )

    This is a tip for beginners in XAML programming. that how they can add an event handler for the page loading.
  • Type converter in XAML

    XAML is widely use all .NET Technologies either you are working on WPF , UWP or HoloLens .So to Understand the core basics of XAML is important. In this blog i'm going to show you , how types are converted behind the scenes in XAML. When type some property like color in a string format.
  • Fundamentals of XAML

    In this blog you will learn about XAML.
  • Data Binding in XAML

    This blog describe how to bind data in XAML.
  • Crazy About Run tag in WPF

    In this blog you will learn Showing the text content in UI without space using in XAML.
  • Static Resource Vs Dynamic Resource in XAML

    This blow show the difference between Static Resource and Dynamic Resource in XAML.
  • Round Button in WPF

    This blog illustrates to create a round button in WPF.
  • Adding Images to Resource in WPF

    This blog describes how to add images to resource using XAML.
  • Formatting Strings In Binding

    In this Blog you will learn about Formatting the strings in binding.
  • Saving User Settings using Telerik‚Äôs PersistenceManager

    This blog gets you started if you need a very simple way of saving user settings.
  • XAML coding best practices

    It is good to follow the certain practices while doing XAML coding.
  • Positioning Silverlight Popups Relative to a Control

    I just went through the challenge of positioning a Silverlight Popup control relative to an existing control. Here is how I finally solved it.
  • Questnet

    Asp.net developer
  • How To Make Sure the Silverlight App Gets Keyboard focus

    After playing with silverlight for a while, I found that the Focus method did not work very well to give the silverlight app focus for keyboard input. You can use a trick in javascript to make sure that the silverlight control has focus to begin with. Then later use the Focus method inside your XAML code behind.
  • Squeeze Ball Animation in XAML

    This XAML code creates a ball that gives an impression of squeezing a sponge ball.
  • My First XAML Application

    This blog describes the trials and tribulations of creating my first XAML Application using .NET 3.0 in Visual Studio 2005.