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  • JIT (Just-In-Time) Compiler3/29/2019 5:28:34 AM. JIT is the just in time compiler, it is quite different with other compilers. It compiles the source code just in time, and it does not compiles hole code, only the code is to be executed is compiled.
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  • Using Microsoft Roslyn9/17/2013 11:46:45 AM. Microsoft Roslyn is an API that exposes the C# compiler as a service or one can say now the entire compiler is exposed in a form of a library that can be included in your project or application.
  • Error Logging With Caller Info7/12/2013 11:21:05 AM. This article provides a brief introduction to the use of Caller Information as a means for creating an error logging utility class for your C# 5.0/.NET 4.5 applications.
  • Impove App Launch Performance With MultiCore JIT in .NET Framework 4.54/18/2013 1:13:41 PM. This article is about one of the most new runtime features of the Muticore Just-In-Compiler (JIT) in the .NET framework 4.5.
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  • Hello C#10/20/2012 6:17:33 AM. This short article is based on the classic “Hello, World” sample program familiarizes you with the language syntax and introduces the command line compiler.
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  • A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft's shared Source CLI (Rotor)9/30/2012 4:51:51 AM. The Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is the ECMA standard that describes the core technologies contained in .NET.
  • C# Command-Line Compiler Options5/20/2012 7:16:41 AM. In this article let's address each of the compiler options available in C#.
  • Dynamic Code Compilation5/19/2012 5:53:44 AM. This article throws light on how a code can be built dynamically, compiled and run.
  • Delegate in .NET (C#): Digging / Acquaint - Make it Simple7/18/2011 12:05:18 AM. A delegate is an object or instance which can hold a reference of any function or which can bind a function.
  • Building a web based C# compiler using ASP.NET and TDD2/16/2011 11:35:12 PM. This tutorial is an introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD) in Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) with C# 4 and ASP.NET 4. This will focus on as using the tool and coding as much as possible and not a great deal of words so enjoy the ride.
  • Compile DLL using Command Line C# Compiler2/17/2010 3:20:48 AM. This article show how to compile dll file in c# using command line C# Compiler of .Net.
  • Compiling and Debugging11/8/2009 11:29:15 PM. In this this article I will explain you about compilation and debugging in .NET.
  • Hello C#7/23/2009 10:19:35 PM. In this article, you will know how to write a simple program in C# using a text editor and compile if from the command line.
  • Run Time Compiler1/31/2007 3:34:44 AM. In this article, I am going to discuss how to take a string then compile it and then how you execute it.
  • Introductions to C#4/6/2006 6:34:08 AM. C# is a new programming language developed by Microsoft. C# has power of C++ since it's derived from C and C++. It is simpler as VB.
  • Boxing and Unboxing of Value Types : What You Need to Know?2/7/2006 6:09:14 AM. Programmers new to C# can encounter less than ideal performance and even unexpected results due to boxing and unboxing of value types.
  • Welcome to COBOL.NET, corner of the C# Corner1/30/2006 4:01:32 AM. This column will hopefully help those of you looking to use Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET. We are going to present some "How To" articles beginning with the basic information about the environment, the interaction with Visual Studio.NET, the Designers and the COBOL language.
  • Auto Compiler12/30/2005 11:24:01 PM. This is a utility to make it easier to compile from the command line. One of the problems with using the command line.
  • Argument Compiler12/30/2005 1:09:58 AM. Here is one argument compiler. Author is looking for your feedback.
  • C# Video Poker12/25/2005 11:15:32 PM. This Video Poker game is an imitation of a casino Video Poker machine. It is written using Windows Forms.
  • JIT Coding12/21/2005 7:24:17 AM. One not so well known feature of .NET platform is possibility to invoke compiler and practically create code and assembly from running instance of application. It is possible to do that in two ways. First one is a bit simpler and involves namespaces System.CodeDom and System.CodeDom.Compiler, second one is more efficient and utilizes namespace System.Reflection.Emit. Since there are very few examples about how to use System.CodeDom.Compiler I will start with it.
  • Compiler Tools in C#12/21/2005 7:22:52 AM. The attached zip file contains the source code and documentation of Compiler tools in C#.
  • .NET framework comparison with Java Architecture12/17/2005 4:08:20 AM. This article outlines Microsoft's proposed standardization of .NET framework in ECMA forum as CLI (Common Language Infrastructure), but the Microsoft documentation refer this as CLR (Common Language Runtime).
C# Language Specification 5.0
This book provides a complete description of the C# language 5.0.