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  • An Overview Of Expander Control In WPF12/17/2018 2:25:36 AM. The Expander control is like a GroupBox but with the additional feature to collapse and expand its content.
  • Using WPF GroupBox in C# and XAML12/3/2018 1:02:29 PM. A GroupBox control is a container that adds a header and a border to the area that can be used to place other controls. The <GroupBox> XAML element and the GroupBox class in C# represents a grou
  • GroupBox In C#9/7/2018 9:23:49 AM. A GroupBox control is a container control that is used to place Windows Forms child controls in a group. The purpose of a GroupBox is to define user interfaces where we can categories related controls
  • Using a GroupBox Control in LightSwitch Visual Studio 20126/18/2013 1:16:11 AM. This article describes how to use a GroupBox Control in LightSwitch using Visual Studio 2012.
  • The Grouper1/27/2006 8:47:33 AM. The Grouper is a special groupbox control that is rounded and fully customizable. The control can paint borders, drop shadows, gradient and solid backgrounds, custom text and custom icons.
  • Graphics Animator in C#12/26/2005 10:50:10 PM. This program will generate a html page with animated gif. You just need at least 2 gifs and use the program to set the time to display each image.
  • Visual Matrix12/26/2005 7:07:01 AM. User can easily add ,sub any limit of matrices. Edit boxes are created dynamically.
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