Actions Using Test Flow Pane in QTP in Testing

The Test Flow pane enables us to view all the calls to actions and their orders in which they run in the current test. Using the Test Flow pane, we can manage actions and change their order in the test, can display a test, action and action call properties, can work with the object repository, and can run specific actions.


The Test Flow pane is by default displayed when we start QTP. To show or hide the pane, click the Test Flow Pane toolbar button or select View > Test Flow.


On double-clicking an action in the Test Flow pane, only the selected action is displayed in the Keyword and Expert view. In the Keyword and Expert views we can view the steps for each and every selected external action, and can edit and view the individual steps of an action stored in this test.


  • The Expert view displays the script of a particular action.
  • The Keyword View displays the steps of your test in tabular format.


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