Attaching a Screenshot in JIRA Tool in Testing

JIRA allows us to attach screenshots that you have captured, which are related to our issue, if the administrator has configured the permissions appropriately.

How to attach a screenshot
  1. Click and open the JIRA issue in which you want to attach a screenshot. Click on the "Attach screenshot to this issue" link under the "Operations" menu.


  2. The "Attach Screenshot" page will open in a new browser window.


    If this is your first time to use this function then a security warning will also appear in a dialog box asking whether you want to trust the applet or not. Click on the "Yes" button to trust the applet and access the "Attach Screenshot" page.


  3. Ensure that you have already taken the image to your operating system's clipboard and then click the "Paste" button to paste the image. The captured image will display on the blank area above the "Paste" button.


  4. Enter the desired file name for the screenshot that you are attaching, in the "File name" field. By default the file name is "screenshot-1". A valid file name should not have any of these characters: "\" ,"/", "\", "%", ":", "$", "?" or "*". If an invalid file name is entered, an error message will display and the screenshot will not be attached to the JIRA issue.
  5. Enter a comment related to the screenshot that you are attaching, in the "Update comment" field. This field is not mandatory. But if you have entered a comment, then you also have to set the security level for the corresponding comment by selecting a value from the "Comment Viewable By" dropdown. By default the security level for the comment is "All Users". The comment (that you have entered) will be added to the JIRA issue along with the selected security level.
  6. Click on the "Attach" button, to attach the captured image to the issue. The window will close and you will be returned to your original JIRA issue.


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