Create and Configure a New Dashboard in JIRA in Testing

In JIRA we can configure more than one Dashboard. We can configure each Dashboard page separately, allowing the user to specifically organize related information by context. JIRA also allows sharing your Dashboard with other users, and can also make another user's shared Dashboard a favorite.

Creating new Dashboard pages

How to create a new Dashboard page:

  1. At the top-left of the Dashboard, click the down-arrow on the "Dashboards" tab and select "Manage Dashboard" from the drop-down menu.


     The "Manage Dashboards" page will display. This page lists all currently configured Dashboard pages.

  2. Click the "Create new Dashboard" link. The "Create new Dashboard" page will display.


    Provide a name for the new Dashboard page and optionally enter a short description. You can also choose an existing page as a starting point for the new page. And if you would like to create a Dashboard page without any previous Dashboard, then select the "Blank Dashboard" option from the Start From dropdown. Now click on the Add button.


  3. The New Dashboard page will be displayed as a "favorite" Dashboard page by default, upon creation. If you do not want to make this Dashboard page a favorite then deselect the star icon in front of the Favorite.


  4. To share your new Dashboard you have to check your sharing preference in your user profile. If you have not specified a personal preference yet, in that case the global default settings for sharing will apply (i.e. "Private").


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