Generating the Created vs Resolved Issue Report in JIRA Tool in Testing

The "Created vs Resolved Issues" report displays the number of issues created and resolved over a given period of time. This report is based on the project or issue filter that the user chooses and the chart can be either cumulative or not.

created -resolved report.jpg

The folowing is the procedure for generating a "Created vs Resolved Issues" report:

  1. Click on the "Projects" dropdown. The categories under projects dropdown will display.
  2. Click on the project that you want to browse or click on the"View All Projects"; a list of all projects set up in the user's JIRA instance will display.
  3. Click on the "Reports" menu dropdown and select "Created vs Resolved Issues Report" from the dropdown menu that displays.

    The Created vs Resolved issue report chart will display.


  4. Click on the "Select Filter or Project". The "Filter or Project Picker" window will appear. Select the project or issue filter that you want to create the report for.


  5. From the "Period" dropdown, select the timeframe (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Quarterly or Yearly) that the report will be created for.


  6. In the "Days Previously" field, enter the number of days to be included in the report.
  7. From the "Cumulative Totals?" dropdown, choose either, "Yes" to progressively add data to the preceding column or "No" to show just a single value in each column.
  8. From  the "Display Versions?" field, choose one of the following:
    • "All versions" to show version release dates on the chart, for all released versions
    • "Only major versions" to show version release dates on the chart, for released versions that are named "x.x" only
    • "None" to not show any version release dates on the chart.

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