How to Comment on an Issue in JIRA Tool in Testing

By adding comments for an issue the user can provide additional information which is not mentioned in the issue, and can collaborate with team members. The user can see the comments in the Comments tab of the Activity section when the user views an issue.

How to add a comment

  1. Click on the issue on which you want to add your comment.
  2. Click on the Comment button (present at either the top or bottom of the page),


    The Comment window will open.


    The user can also open the comment window by using the "m" keyword.
  3. In the Comment text box, enter your comment. 

    To apply viewing restrictions to a comment

    Click on the Viewable by drop-down and select which users are able to view this comment. The Viewable by drop-down list also includes all project roles and groups to which you belong. (It is noted that All Users means everybody who uses JIRA, while Users means everybody who is a member of the Users project role in this project.) Depending on how your JIRA administrator has applied comment restrictions., the Viewable by drop-down list may include groups as well as project roles. Once the user applies the viewing restrictions on a comment, the  Viewable by drop-down is replaced by Restricted to and indicates the user, project role or group that can view this comment.


    To email other users about your comment

    Simply mention username in the Comment text box by using @ (e.g. @gaurav). An email message will be sent to the specified user's email address (of which the user registered with their JIRA account) after clicking on the Add button.

  4. Click on the Add button to save the comment.


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