Navigating to a Specific Function in a Function Library in QTP

When we insert a call to a function, we can navigate to its definition in the source document. The function definition is located either in another function library that is associated with our test or in the same test or function library.

How to navigate to a function's definition

Under Expert View, click in the step containing the relevant function. Then either right-click the step and select Go to Function Definition from the context menu or select Edit > Advanced > Go to Function Definition. QuickTest activates that particular document and places the cursor at the beginning of the function's definition. We can also edit the existing function library at any time using QuickTest editing features that are available in Expert view.


We can also drag and drop a function from one to another document, in order to do that we must first separate the tabbed documents into separate document panes by clicking the Restore Down button which is located below the QuickTest window's restore Down / Maximize button.

We can also add steps in the function library using the Step Generator. The Step Generator enables us to add a step that contains reserved objects, utility statements (such as wait), VBScript functions (such as MsgBox), and user-defined functions that are defined in the same function library.


 IntelliSense is available for all functions defined in your action or for public functions defined in associated function libraries. We can instruct QuickTest to check the syntax by clicking the check button, or by choosing Tools > Checksyntax. 



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