Locate Mobile Number Using JavaScript in ASP.Net


This article describes how to locate a mobile number in India in ASP.Net using JavaScript with state, service provider and service type.


To create this application you need a JavaScript file that contains nearly all the mobile number data.

  • MoLocater.js
You can download it from the source code attached to this page.


Add a textbox, a button and three div tags.

Now design your screen as in the following screen.


Or you can copy the following source code:

<form id="form1" runat="server">
                    Mobile No. Locater
                    <asp:TextBox ID="txtMobileNo" runat="server" MaxLength="10"></asp:TextBox>
                    <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Trace" OnClientClick="return GetPhnlocation();" />
                <td colspan="3">
                    <div align="center" id="name" style="font-weight: bold;">
                    <div align="center" id="company" style="font-weight: bold;">
                    <div align="center" id="idno" style="font-weight: bold;">
                    <div align="center" id="info" style="font-weight: bold;">

Next add the MoLocater.js JavaScript file to your website and add the link to the head tag:

<script src="MoLocater.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

In the MoLocater.js file is the fuction
GetPhnlocation(); see it to get the details.

I catch the first 4 digits of the Mobile number and match it to the 4 digit mobile pattern. Sample code is given below.

function GetPhnlocation() {

var phone = document.getElementById('txtMobileNo');

var number = document.getElementById('name');
var state=document.getElementById('company');
var provider=document.getElementById('idno');
var service=document.getElementById('info');
var code = phone.value.slice(0, 4);
var re = /^[0-9]+$/;
if (phone.value != '' && re.test(phone.value)&& (phone.value.length==10) ) {
  if (code == "9000") {
      number.firstChild.nodeValue = 'Mobile No: ' + phone.value;
      state.firstChild.nodeValue = 'State: Andhra Pradesh';
      provider.firstChild.nodeValue = 'Service Provider: Airtel';
      service.firstChild.nodeValue = 'Service Type: GSM';

      return false;


According to this you can also add your new pattern to this code.

Now build your application and enter a mobile number then click on the trace button. It will show all details of that mobile number.

For any modifications or problems please comment.