Creating YouTube Based Application Using Windows Phone App Studio



This article demonstrates how to create a Windows Phone store application. The tool we will use is Windows Phone APP Studio. This article focuses on a YouTube Data Source. The application that we will create basically shows the use of that source. So let's start.

About YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing website. It is ranked as the top video-sharing website on the internet. For our article we are more concerned about how to use the Channel feature of YouTube. Each user of YouTube can create his own Channel. On that Channel a user can share his videos. Now to make an app for this Channel so that we can access the videos in the Phone device is the subject of this article.

About Application

This application is intended to display a list of YouTube Channel videos on the app screen. For this app to work, first we need a of YouTube Channel link.


No Coding

Yes, as the title says, no code. We won't write any code. If we make the same app using coding then it will take approximately 3 hours. But we will be using the Window Phone App Studio to create our app in just 30 minutes.

Creating the App

  1. Open this link

  2. Click on "Start Building".

    4 - Copy.PNG

  3. Click on "Create".


  4. Click on "Create an Empty Application".

    8 - Copy.PNG

  5. Set the App logo.

  6. Set the App title and Description and click "Next".


  7. Click on "Add section" and select "Add section".

    11 - Copy.PNG

    13 - Copy.PNG

  8. Enter the section name.

  9. Select YouTube as the Data Source.

  10. Enter the Data Source name. It should be unique. Now click "Save Changes".


  11. Now click on the Data Source we added.


  12. Select "Channel" from the drop down.

  13. Enter the Channel name. Only Channel name, not the URL.


  14. Click on "Refresh" and you will see the video list below if everything is correct so far.


  15. Click on "Save changes".

  16. Click on the Section page to change the layout.


  17. Select the suitable layout.

  18. Next is Binding. Bind whatever you want to show in your screen.

  19. For title, use Data.Title. In other words whatever the title of the video is, it will be used for setting it.

  20. Here DATA represents a video. You can see various video properties in the binding list.


  21. Click "Save changes".

  22. Now click on the detail page that is just below the Section page.


  23. Choose the layout and appropriate binding settings and then save.


  24. Click on "Next". On the next page you can set the appearance of your app.

  25. For the rest of the steps check my article "windows-phone-app-studio-part-2"


All done. In this article we learned how to use a Youtube Data Source of Windows Phone App Studio. Now its your turn to crank out some apps in the store and share them here. Don't forget to share and comment. In case of any query or suggestion about the article you can always comment.

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