Disable Password Protect the Screen Saver in Windows 8


In this article we are giving you how to disable password protection by the Screen Saver. If you disable this setting, password protection cannot be set on any Screen Saver. This setting also disables the "Password protected" checkbox on the Screen Saver dialog in the Personalization or Display Control Panel, preventing users from changing the password protection setting.
If you disable this feature, you will not get the login screen when you exit the Screen Saver. You disable it using gpedit.msc and the following instructions; you can type it into the search box of the Metro UI.
You type the gpedit.msc command in the search box and click on the window that appears. You click on the User Configuration, sub-category Administrative Template sub-category Control Panel sub-category Personalization and right-click on the "Password Protect Screen Saver" and select the edit tab. The "Password Protect Screen Saver" window will be opened and you can click on the Enable or Disable Button, whichever you want, and then click the Apply or Ok Button.

How to Disable Password Protection by the Screen Saver

Step 1
You move the cursor to the bottom-right and select the search box and type into the search box what you want.
Step 2
In the search box you enter gpedit.msc under the application tab and click on the window that appears.
Step 3
After clicking on the gpedit.msc a new window will be opened as shown below.
Step 4
In the User Configuration, choose subcategory Administrative Template and choose Control Panel and choose Personalized and then click on Personalized. In the Personalization category, you click on the Password Protect Screen Server.

User Configuration << Administrative Templates << Control Panel << Personalization

Step 5
In this step right-click on Enable Screen Saver and click on the edit tab.
Step 6
If you click on the Disable Button, then password protection can not be set on any Screen Saver and then click either the apply or ok button.


In this article, we learned about Disable Password Protect the Screen Saver in Windows 8.