Turn Off Windows Security Center Alerts in Windows 8


In this article, we explain how to turn off Windows Security Center alerts in Windows 8. Security Center alerts give alert messages of security risks that you can protect your system from in Windows 8. If a risk is found, then you give the alert message for the safety of your computer. In the Security Center Alerts, you can see the security messages such as Windows Update, Spyware, and related protection, Internet Security Settings, User Account Controls, Network Firewall, Virus Protection, and Smart Screen. If the Windows Firewall is turned off and you want to turn it on then the Security Center Alerts gives the message notifying you to turn on the Windows Firewall protection.
The Security Center helps you with multiple Security in your PC such as Windows Update, Virus Protection, Smart Screen and others and it helps you to Promote your PC Security. The Security Center helps you for any security purpose and if there is any risk found then it gives you a message. The security alert message informs you if you need to download or install any software on your computer. The Security Alert message provides security for your PC. In this, you can Enable or Disable the Security alerts messages. If you want to turn off the Security messages, you can uncheck the checkboxes to disable the security messages in Windows 8. You can show the status of your Firewall and others in the Security Center if you can turn off the Security Center Information.
If you want to show the Security messages, you first open the Control Panel. In the Control Panel, you can open the System and Security. After opening the System and Security, you open the Action Center. In the Action Center, you open the Change Action Center Settings and in this, you can show the Security messages such as Windows update and others. If your PC is running in a domain then the Security Settings are managed through the Network Administrator.

Steps to Turn Off/On Security Center Alerts in Windows 8

Step 1
You can move the cursor on the right bottom and click on the search box and you can type in the search box what you want.
Step 2
In this step, you can type the Control Panel in the search box and click on the Control panel to open it.
Step 3
Another way is to choose the Control Panel in the Windows 8 Metro UI and click on the Control Panel tiles. You can open the Metro UI with the help of the Windows Key.
Step 4
After opening the Control Panel, you will see a list of options such as System and Security, Network and Internet and others and select anyone you want. In this, you can click on the System and Security.
Step 5
In System and Security, you can see the many options such as Action Center, Windows Firewall, System and others. In this, you can select when you want. You click on the Action Center.
Step 6
After opening the Action Center, you can see many options in the left corner. In this, you click on the Change Action Center Settings.
Step 7
After completing step 6, you can see the Security messages such as Windows Updates, Internet Security Settings, Network Firewall, virus protection, and others. If you want to turn off the Security messages just uncheck the messages to disable it which you want and click ok.


In this article, we learned about Turn Off Windows Security Center Alerts in Windows 8. 

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