Map Network Drive in Windows 8


In this article, we explain how to map a drive or access a network drive in Windows 8. When we connect our computer locally in a home network then we always prefer to share our files and folders to other computers in the network. Sometimes however when we want to copy and access files stored on another computer in the network we need to map the network drive.
Mapping a network drive allows you to create a shortcut in your local computer or any remote folder as a mapped network drive. After mapping the drive you can access the remote drive as a local drive on your computer.

How to map a network drive in Windows 8?

Step 1
Open "My computer" and go to the "Computer" tab and click on "Map Network Drive".
Step 2
The mapped network drive window will be opened; click on the "Browse" button.
Step 3
Locate the shared folder on the remote computer that you want to map. After selecting the folder click on "OK".
Step 4
After selecting the folder click on "Finish" to complete the mapping process.
Step 5
Now open your "My Computer"; you will see the folder as a local drive.
Step 6
After using the network drive, if you want to remove it then click on the map network arrow and select "Disconnect Network Drive".
Step 7
A new window will be opened. Select the remote drive and click on "OK". A confirmation message will be displayed; click on "Yes" to disconnect the network drive.


In this article, we learned about Map Network Drive in Windows 8. 

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