How to Create Cross-Referencing in Word 2013

Cross-Referencing is a hyperlink with auto-generated text which refers to places within you document, like a picture, heading or tables.

To create Cross-Referencing In Word 2013, Word features for headings, captions and bookmarks etc. need to be used.

To Insert Cross-Referencing use the following procedure

Step 1

Open your Word document and hover your mouse pointer over where you want to insert cross-Referencing.

Step 2

Click on the "Reference" Tab.


Step 3

Now go to the "Captions" group and choose "Cross-Referencing".


Step 4

The Cross-reference window opens; choose figure in the "Reference type" drop down list. A list of selected reference types of you document will be shown in the "For which" Caption. and within the "Insert Reference to" drop down list select below/above. Click on the "Insert" button.


Step 5

Now see a link appear from the Auto Inserted text to your picture.


Step 6

Now press and hold down a control key and click the reference.


Note: To insert a Cross-Reference you must know How to insert Caption of picture.

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